Keynote Speaker

A.Prof. Congduan LiSun Yat-sen University, China

Ke xizheng, male, born in 1962, got the PhD degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1996. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor in Xi'an University of Technology, IEEE member, senior member of Chinese institute of electronics and China Instrument and Control Society.He has got the outstanding young scholar award of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000, provincial awards on technology advancement tentimes. He has ninebooks published, 250 papers indexed by SCI and EItwenty patents for invention and software copyrights. With dozens of National Natural Science Foundation Projects and military weapons and equipment demonstration projects undertaken, his main research is wireless laser communication theories and techniques. *****All the columnsneed to be filled in.Congduan  Li is  an  Associate  Professor  with  the  School  of  Electronics  and Communication  Engineering,  Sun  Yat-sen  University,  China.He received  Ph.D. degree from Drexel University, PA, USA in 2015. From Oct 2015 to Aug 2018, he was  a  postdoctoral  research  fellow  in  the  Institute  of  Network  Coding  at  the Chinese University of Hong Kong and in the Department of Computer Science at CityUniversity  of  Hong  Kong.  He  His  research  interests  lie  in  the  broad  areas related  with  networks,  such  as  coding,  security,  wireless,  storage,  caching,  and vehicular.


Prof. Jianjun Tan, Hubei Minzu University, China

Tan Jianjun (1960-), professor, master instructor, Long-term research in wireless sensor network and application. As the project leader, he has successively presided over and completed the National Natural Science Regional Fund Project (Project Name: Target Location and Tracking of Wireless Sensor Networks with Malicious Attacks), Hubei Provincial Department of Education Key Project of Industry, Education and Research (Project Name: Research on Intelligent Antifreeze for Solar Water Heaters) and Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project (Project name: Research on the key technology of photovoltaic power generation monitoring system based on wireless sensor network) and other more than 10 projects. He has obtained one American invention patent, one Japanese invention patent, eight national invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents. At present, he is in charge of one National Natural Science General Fund Project (Project Name: Research on Anti-interference of wireless sensor network in LAN). More than 20 papers have been published in Journal of Wuhan University of technology, telecommunication technology, China Communications, modern electronic technology and other journals, 8 of which are included in SCI / EI. The scientific research achievements have won one second prize of science and technology progress in Hubei Province, one first prize of science and technology progress in Enshi Prefecture, and five second and third prizes.