2023 3rd International Conference on Optics and Image Processing (ICOIP 2023)
Technical Program Committee Member, Prof. Rongping Wang, Ningbo University, China


Prof. Rongping Wang, Ningbo University

Prof. Rongping Wang is mainly engaged in the research of infrared optical materials, optical fibers, and waveguide devices with important application prospects. He is an internationally renowned expert in the field of infrared chalcogenide optical materials. He is a candidate for the 7th short-term project of the Beijing Hai Ju Plan (2011) and the Zhejiang Thousand Talents Plan (2016). He has presided over/participated in a number of Australian government research funds, as well as key/general project research of the National Nature Fund of China, The Ministry of Science and Technology has focused on key research and development sub projects, and recent research work mainly focuses on infrared integrated optical chips on chip, including optical amplifiers and broadband light sources. He has directed three postdoctoral and eight doctoral students, wrote an academic monograph on infrared glass, published more than 250 SCI research papers, was cited for more than 5000 times, and made multiple invitation reports at international conferences. In 2021, he was selected into the 60 year ranking of lifelong scientific influence published by Stanford University from 1960 to 2020, and ranked 3702 in all disciplines of scholars in Chinese Mainland.

王荣平教授主要从事具有重要应用前景的红外光学材料、光纤波导器件的研究是红外硫系光学材料这一领域国际知名的专家,是北京市海聚计划第七期短期项目的入选者(2011)和浙江省1000人计划入选者(2016),主持/参与多项澳大利亚政府研究基金,以及中国国家自然基金重点/面上项目研究,科技部重点研发子课题等近期的研究工作主要围绕片上红外集成的光学芯片包括光放大器以及宽谱光源,先后指导过三名博士后, 8名博士生,撰写红外玻璃学术专著一部,发表过250sci研究论文,被引用5000多次,在国际会议上做过多次邀请报告。2021年入选斯坦福大学发布的1960-202060年终身科学影响力排行耪,中国大陆学者所有学科综合排名第3702名。