2023 3rd International Conference on Optics and Image Processing (ICOIP 2023)
Technical Program Committee Member, Assoc. Prof. Hongtao Li, Anhui University, China



Assoc. Prof. Hongtao Li

Anhui University, China

Assoc. Prof. Hongtao Li current research direction is: Optical fiber biomedical sensor is a new sensing technology in recent years, which has the advantages of electromagnetic immunity, small size, portability, low cost, labeling free real-time detection, high sensitivity, and good compatibility with new materials. The research group is currently focusing on the combination of optical fiber devices and new materials to achieve ultra-sensitive detection of new biochemical and environmental pollution markers, and gradually exploring the POCT chip based application of devices.

In recent years, over 30 SCI papers have been published, including 18 SCI papers published as first or corresponding authors in well-known academic journals such as Science Advances, Advanced Science, ACS Sensors, Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Lightwave Technology, Optics, and Laser Technology. Presided over one project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one open project of the Guangxi Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology, and one project of the "Talent Introduction Program" of Anhui University.