2023 3rd International Conference on Optics and Image Processing (ICOIP 2023)
Technical Program Committee Member, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Azizi Abdullah, The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia



Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Azizi Abdullah

The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

AZIZI ABDULLAH obtained a BSc in Computer Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and completed the MSc in Software Engineering at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. He received his PhD Degree from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in 2010.He is an Associate Professor at the Center for Artificial Intelligence (CAIT), Faculty of Technology and Information Science, University Kebangsaan Malaysia. In UKM, he teaches three core subjects: Java Object Oriented programming, Image Processing and Computer Vision. Besides teaching, his current research focuses on the algorithmic aspects of computer vision and machine learning, like algorithm design, analysis, and experimental verification. His publications to date received an H-index of 17.